Divine Wrath

Divine Wrath is a two players game in which one player is the god and controls the mouse and the other is the dinosaur and controls the keyboard. The god must kill the dinosaur throwing blue and red meteors while the dinosaur must run and jump to survive for as long as possible.

It is a video game project I made in 2015 to learn C++ and the SFML library. It was a big improvement over the first prototype i made of this game using only C and the SDL library. Divine Wrath uses a very minimalist custom GUI with Buttons, Layouts and other Widgets. The window is adjustable and its resolution and the video mode (full screen, windowed) can be adjusted.

The game uses homemade 2D physics and a voxel world which is fully destructible. A 2D particle system simulates fire trails on the meteors and deadly snow. (in case the god wants to play in god mod and kill the dinosaur without too much efforts).